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Quality Policy

We made & worked on policy collecting the feedback from our customers needs, our (QA) is responsible for making quality policy. Once policy made our all staff strictly follow it. It is used to constantly improve our services day today for our customers.

Furthermore, constructive inputs from our customers are vital for achieving our quality goals, since any sign of dissatisfaction from our customers is a new starting point for us.

We at, Shiv Cylinder are well known for our quality services  & always work for complete customer satisfaction.
  • smoother & effective operating procedures.
  • constant improvement of quality services and the quality system.
Our working department technical and managerial aspects, and is applied in all organizational and manufacturing processes in a systematic, planned, and documented manner, in order to achieve the following goals.


  • I have known "Shiv Cylinder" for many years; Shiv`s business has always been very professional always producing the highest quality products and always on time. There are three steps to quality business, Quality, Service, and Price, Shiv`s team always does all three.
  • Shivs team is very knowledgeable in the field they work. My experience is that he gets the job done right. He has always been honest in my 4 years of knowing him. I would highly recommend his services.

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New year offer 10% offer to our servicing amount.

One new Branch is opening soon in Delhi.

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