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Cylinder Hydro Testing Service in Ghaziabad

Shiv Cylinder is government Certified Testing Agency for Cylinder Hydro Testing Service in Ghaziabad. We test all kinds of cylinders carefully to meet quality standards. All cylinders are extensively inspected both internally and externally for signs of corrosion or damage. 

Shiv Cylinder inspected and government-approved Testing center for cylinder re-qualification facility. All cylinders are inspected visually and hydrostatically by our (QA) Quality AnalystWe at, Shiv Cylinder follow Proper Test Procedures made by our (QA) made with our experienced engineers. 

Some are as given
  • Valve opening and Internal inspection, cleaning of cylinders
  • Cylinder Wall Thickness measurement & Troubleshooting 
  • Hydrostatic stretch testing using Water Jacket and Direct Expansion method.
  • Cylinder Drying, External Cleaning, and Painting
  • Correct record keeping requirements
  • Daily verification operation
  • Deliver all the cylinders with Certificate


  • I have known "Shiv Cylinder" for many years; Shiv`s business has always been very professional always producing the highest quality products and always on time. There are three steps to quality business, Quality, Service, and Price, Shiv`s team always does all three.
  • Shivs team is very knowledgeable in the field they work. My experience is that he gets the job done right. He has always been honest in my 4 years of knowing him. I would highly recommend his services.

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New year offer 10% offer to our servicing amount.

One new Branch is opening soon in Delhi.

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