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About Shiv Cylinder Testing Company

We at Shiv Cylinder trusted our customers for over 5+ years & help to grow as a modern efficient company specialized in high-quality Cylinder Testing services. Over the years, the company has grown from a local to a medium-size business firm & offers services for supplying cylinders suited for various general & industrial applications for small local companies as well as larger firms and improving trust day today on our customers side.

Quality assurance (QA): Shiv Cylinder assure the quality of all materials, structures, components, and systems utilized in the construction, manufacturing, and operation of your industrial facilities or for individual purpose.

Our Infrastructure: Shiv Cylinder has a very wast & wide Infrastructure that offers a service that is superior to its competitors. We provide all services for CNG cylinders that are required to be tested from time to time Valve opening and Internal Inspection & cleaning of cylindersCylinder Wall Thickness measurement, Water Jacket, and Hydrostatic stretch testing also Cylinder Drying, External Cleaning, and Painting & Deliver all cylinders with Certificate.

Client Satisfaction: We at, Shiv Cylinder always work to meet the requirement of clients, exactly what they want. We have a team of highly trained staff, They will always go the extra mile to make sure that the result is as better as it possibly can be. 


  • I have known "Shiv Cylinder" for many years; Shiv`s business has always been very professional always producing the highest quality products and always on time. There are three steps to quality business, Quality, Service, and Price, Shiv`s team always does all three.
  • Shivs team is very knowledgeable in the field they work. My experience is that he gets the job done right. He has always been honest in my 4 years of knowing him. I would highly recommend his services.

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New year offer 10% offer to our servicing amount.

One new Branch is opening soon in Delhi.

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